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color crisis June 28, 2009

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Okay, this weekend, I fell in love with Gray and Yellow.  I have always loved those two colors together terribly, but really had my heart set on “Garnet, Tangerine and Chocolate” for the wedding colors.  Don’t get me wrong, I just had a moment of “Ooo, these colors could be fun and modern!”

And, to give you a taste of the gloriousness that is Gray and Yellow, here you go:

Thanks to Miss Joey for this inspiration. I just love the yellow envelopes!


A shout out to the lovely Dallas Brides Something Blue blog for this one!  I just love the contrast.


I think the guys would look great in gray suits, but with pops of yellow (tie/bow-tie, socks, etc.). AND, I already purchased that J.Crew gray dress on the top left (LOVES it) for something (rehearsal dinner, a wedding, etc.).


We are still sticking with our “Garnet, Tangerine and Chocolate” theme, but I wanted to share my recent color crisis.  I think they are just so modern and chic!  I love our ideas for making the reds and oranges really pop.  Plus, I bought those GORGEOUS Kate Spade’s that I am beyond excited about.  I could not possibly change my mind now (although I would obviously wear those shoes anyway).

Did any of you waver between colors and have a hard time choosing?


One Response to “color crisis”

  1. kate Says:

    well, you know my feelings about gray and yellow, but i like them both!!!!!

    plus, you DID buy The Shoes.

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