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gotta dollar bill ya’ll June 27, 2009

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So the other night I read this post on one of my daily wedding blog reads (yes, I have many).  I had already fought with the idea of the budget before and whether or not I should feel guilty that my wedding may cost above average or have an above average number of guests.  When I stumbled upon Miss Duckling’s post, it made me feel better that there are other B2Bs (Bride-to-bes) out there feeling the same way.  Not that my wedding is going to be extravagant or expensive, but the truth of the matter is that my family saved for my wedding from the day I was born.  I should not feel guilty that I have fantastic parents that thought well in advance about the fact that some day their gorgeous blue-eyed daughter (I’m allowed toot my own horn) would get married.  Not only that, but I have been blessed to be planning my wedding with a wonderful FI whose parents have so graciously offered to pay for parts of the wedding as well.  We are completely humbled and grateful for our parents’ generosity.

I understand that, with where the economy is now, many brides/grooms to be are having to cut corners, have a smaller wedding, etc.  I get it.  Brides out there are becoming more and more budget-savvy, but that should lead to judgements based on how much you or I or friends are spending on their weddings.  You see, with each bride and groom comes a different set of situations and environments.

As the bride at Practical Wedding put it, your budget should fit you.  It should not fit what society thinks it should.  It really is based on a ton of factors, as she put it.

I guess my point is that you should not judge a bride and groom based on how fancy or expensive or cheap their wedding is.  Everyone is in a different situation and planned their weddings accordingly.  AND, what may be important to me in a wedding (i.e. photography), may not be what is important to you (i.e. dress, flowers, etc.).  My sub-point is that you should not feel guilty for what you spend on your wedding.  After all, it is YOUR wedding, not mine.  This applies to all elements of wedding planning.  People are going to volunteer their opinions to you about your wedding, including how much you spend.  Let them, but remind them that when they get married (or if they already have), that they can/did do what they want.  At the end of the day, your budget is about the two of you.  No one else.

Obviously, in this day and age, wedding budgets are a hot topic….just google it, you’ll find a million posts/rants/raves about it.

Have you or do you think you will feel guilty about your budget?  How have you handled the pressure?


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