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a friend’s wedding June 20, 2009

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Not blogging about my own wedding tonight.  Haven’t had much inspiration lately, let alone, I haven’t really thought much about the next few steps in our wedding plans.  So, I’m taking a break to focus on the marriage of some friends.

Tomorrow I will be heading off downtown to witness the marriage of two good friends.  I am really looking forward to it for a few reasons.  1.  It has been nearly a year since I’ve been to a wedding.  2.  I adore the two friends that are marrying.  They are a fantastic couple and great friends.  3.  It is the first wedding I will be attending as an engaged woman, so I will have a different perspective this time around.  4.  Their reception is being held at Windows (7th floor), so it is a good opportunity for the FI to see a wedding there before ours (I’ve already been to a few there).

I really love witnessing the wedding of two people deeply in love.  It is a great reminder of why people marry in the first place.  And, in particular, M and M (how cute?!) are just a great fit.  Two of the nicest people I have ever met and could not be happier to have met them both.

I plan on taking a million photos tomorrow (surprise, surprise), so I’ll share a few.  I told M that I was going to play the paparazzi at her wedding and her photographer might not like me (so sue me).  I’ll be armed with both cameras so I don’t miss anything.


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