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shoe drama…already June 15, 2009

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So, on Saturday night I get a lovely little e-mail from Zappos regarding my recent purchase which brought an even bigger smile to my face (is that possible?).  The e-mail read something along these lines:

“Because your are a valued customer, we are upgrading your shipping, free of charge.”

Of course I’m more than excited, because that only means that my shoes will arrive 2-3 days earlier than promised (bonus).

Before heading off to work this morning, I check the UPS tracking number to see where my love Keedens are in relation to me.  Lo and behold they were in town and were “Out for delivery.”  Could it be, that my shoes would be arriving into my hands today?

When the UPS man announced his presence in the office today, my ears perked.  Another employee signed for them and I peaked around my cubicle wall to find her holding the beloved Zappos box and walking in my direction.  The first thing out of her mouth?  “Are they your wedding shoes?”  And I eagerly announced “YES!”

I grab my scissors to open the box and waiting inside is an Adidas Shoe box?  Yes, you heard (read?) me correctly.  I immediately text the FI to tell him his shoes arrived and I get a response of “?” from him.  “You know, your shoes.  A pair of Adidas shoes, Size 10.”  “I haven’t ordered any new shoes since I got those Pumas a little over a month ago.”  “Hmmm,” I say, “I’ll find out what’s going on.”

I check my tracking number, and the UPS site, and then take a gander at the packing slip.  It appears as though some guy name “Yago” in the state of Washington will be receiving a Zappos box with my beloved Kate Spades.  I dial up Zappos to explain, and for a mere moment, they work on getting another pair delivered to me.  If only they knew that I ordered the last pair of red satin Keedens in a Size 7.  “Ma’am.”  “Yes?”  “Looks like we will need to contact the gentleman that will be receiving your shoes to have him send them back.  We will need you to give the shoes you got back to the UPS man when he returns.” “Okay.  I can do that.  But, how can I ensure that I receive my Kate Spades?  You see, they are very important shoes.”  “Oh, please do not worry, as we will be contacting the gentleman that will receive your shoes to let him know.  And, I am pretty sure that when he opens the box to see a pair of 4″ red satin shoes when he is expecting his soccer kleats, that he will be giving us a ring.  We will let you know when your shoes are in route.  We do apologize for any inconvenience.”

I digress.  Can you say heartbroken?  So, I have to wait a few more days for my shoes, which is fine, but I better get those shoes.  I have pined over them for I have no idea how long.  I must say this little shoe dilemma did put a damper on my day (Is that sad?).

BUT a friend of mine did receive fantastic news in that a good family member of hers is paying for her honeymoon.  This news (although it doesn’t really affect me), really made my day.  I couldn’t be happier for her and her FI.  Such a fantastic ending to the day.

Wow….that was a long ramble.  Now if only I could have my shoes….


2 Responses to “shoe drama…already”

  1. Katharine Says:

    You are a much nicer human being that I am. If I were expecting a pair of gorgeous red satin shoes and got cleats, I’d probably become the “belligerent customer” tape they play during employee training.

    • Brit Says:

      I’ve already called them and e-mailed them multiple times to see if they have located them and expressed my displeasure in the fact that those beauties are missing. I try not to think about it. It breaks my heart.

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