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super slacker bride-to-be June 11, 2009

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Yes, I know, I have been the super slacker, non-existant bride-to-be.

The past few weeks have been filled with the ups and downs of life (mostly work), and yet again, I have not had much time to think.

I spent this last weekend at a friend’s bridal shower. It was a nice affair on a Summer St. Louis day (in other words, it was pretty warm). Thankfully the sun was out, seeing as how lately it has stormed its butt off almost every day. I got some great shots of her opening gifts, which I might share later (pending her approval, of course).

Since we’re on the topic of photographers, the FI and I FINALLY booked our photographer. The contract and check have not yet been mailed (they will on Monday), so I am hesitant to share my giddiness for who we chose. We are both really happy with our choice and will be sure to dish once the photog receives our signed contract!

This weekend I am off to TCB (Town and Country Bridal) to show a good friend my dress. Two of my friends have already seen me in the dress, but I promised K that we would take a gander this weekend so she could see the awesomeness that I have yet to purchase. It will also give me another chance to peak at the BM dresses they have in their showroom. I’m having a hard time choosing something. Another side note: Don’t expect any pictures of the actual “dress.” That will remain a secret until the wedding, but I will gladly share images of my not chosen gowns.

Another side note, these past two weeks have really opened my eyes to some great ideas I have for the wedding. One – I am booking a Day of Wedding Coordinator. I have already picked her out and met with her, now it is a matter of signing a contracting and mailing the deposit. More on that in another post. Two – We are going to try and incorporate some eco-friendly/green ideas into the wedding in some ways. We have yet to figure out how, but have a few ideas up our sleeves. Three – We are taking a more modern approach to the look and feel of our wedding. There are some non-traditions and modern/contemporary/simplistic ideas that we will be incorporating. After all, this wedding is supposed to be a reflection of our relationship, not “old world tradition” (not that I am dissing it, because it can be beautiful, but it is just not for us). Four – I would LOVE to have my aunt officiate our wedding ceremony, if she is willing to become ordained (not that would be an issue, because I already am….don’t ask, unless you really want to know). We would just much rather have someone close to us officiate the marriage than have a stranger do it. It would mean so much more. Five – Color. That’s all I got. We want to add punches of color wherever possible.

Sorry for the hodge podge of a post. I’m sure many of you out there in wedding planning land have had many of these moments.


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