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something red June 11, 2009

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So, I would give my left arm (really, left and right arms) to own these shoes in red (Thank you to the wonderful photographer, Clary Pfeiffer for the photo):


I have been on the hunt for the perfect red shoe to wear with my gown.  I have found a few contenders:



I just cannot find anything that hits the nail on the head.  BUT, if I could own those blue shoes in red, the search would be over.  So……if you happen to know who the designer of those shoes is, please share, because this bride is desperate.  You heard me, desperate for those shoes.


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  1. […] GORGEOUS red satin Kate Spades.  See, after my last post the other day about my hunt for those blue beauties in red, my lovely bridesmaid A surprised me with a link to those […]

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