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i want candy May 31, 2009

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Although wedding planning has been put on hold because work has owned my life, I still have had time to catch up on my favorite wedding blogs.

The other day I happened to be snooping around on Style Me Pretty and came across this fantabulous candy buffet set up.  I have tossed around the idea of having a candy buffet at the wedding with the FI a few times and we both really like the idea of it as a wedding favor.  We just have yet to really find a set up that we like.  On top of that, we both really LOVE the idea of a photo booth (more on that in another post).

Back to the candy buffet.  So I was on Style Me Pretty and found this:


How fantastic is that set up?  Obviously we would go with colors that complement those in our wedding scheme, but it’s just so fun and refreshing!  We’d opt for circular stands, instead of the square stands seen here, but I love how Amy Atlas set this one up.  Now, with the size of our guest list, we would need to make it larger, but this is a great foundation (if we really go the candy buffet route).  Not only that, this just makes the candy look so appetizing.

Now I want some rock candy!

Have any of you thought about doing a candy buffet?  What helped you to make your decision?


2 Responses to “i want candy”

  1. Liz B Says:

    Love candy buffets. I was considering it, but BTR’s cousin who got married last fall had one so I want to be different. However the photobooth is a for sure for us! Chris Gooding had one at his wedding and it was so much fun! It was neat because it had four shots on one sheet (about a 4×6) then on the back was a sticker with the website and a password to go online and see all of the photos of the night. Then Chris and Christine got like an album of all of them later. I’ll scan a copy to show you later!

    • Brit Says:

      I would love to have a candy buffet….we’re still thinking about it, but it could be quite a bit of work. We really love the idea of the photo booth. Think it’s a great way to get the guests involved!

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