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bad bride blogger May 25, 2009

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So wedding planning has been put on hold for now (no worries).  Work has just taken over my life lately.  There have been quite a few changes at work in the past few weeks, and so all of us are trying to adjust and ensure that our advertising clients are happy and that there is no disruption in the services we provide to all of our clients.

I did manage to meet with another photographer last week.  We pretty much know who we want to go with, but we’ve been keeping the options open so that we know when we choose our photographer that we made the right decision.  We do have some pre-requisites for whomever we choose (second photographer, a product credit, wide array of packages and a good personality – so we click), so I have been meeting with photographers that offer those options.  And, well, the meetings allow me to get to know the photographer a big to see how we would interact.  Both photogs are great women, with a great portfolio and personalities, but as I mentioned earlier, we are pretty sure we know who we want to go with…so stay tuned, as I am sure we will have an update in a few weeks!  Finally!!  This is the one decision we are very excited about!

Now it’s just time to talk to mom about it.

I promise I will be a better blogging bride in the coming weeks, as the dust settles a bit more at work.


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