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dress dilemma May 11, 2009

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First off, can anyone say “slacker blogger?”

So this past weekend I decided to spend my Saturday morning by trying on gowns again.  I made an appointment at a different shop than the two previous places.  I mostly made this appointment, 1. to hit the shops by myself.  Most people that know me know that I prefer to shop alone.  I get more done and I can weed through the stuff that is not appealing to me. 2. It gave me a chance to try on some different designers, which I wanted to do.  Considering the wedding is well over one year away, I have plenty of time to choose a dress.  And, again, most people that know me know I am a planner.

Before I made this appointment, I only had two dresses on my favorites list (for the sake of keeping the dress a secret, I won’t be showing pictures until after the wedding, so those of you who are dying inside, I am sorry).  I just have no had much luck finding more modern, contemporary gowns.  Most of the shops, seeing as this is the midwest, carry fairly traditional gowns with heavy lace and beading.  As I even mentioned in an earlier post, my dress consultant apologized for not having more modern gowns. AND after meeting with a wedding coordinator (more on that in a future post) last week, she even confirmed the above point, that this is the midwest and people still have fairly traditional wedding values.

Okay, back to my point.  So I get to Town & Country Bridal Boutique (which I highly recommend), and am greeted by a super-friendly staff.  My consultant, whom I loved, was so helpful and sweet.  So much so in fact, that I made an appointment for her this Friday so my two best friends can join me on our dress shopping extravaganza (we’ll be visiting the two other shops that day as well).  So, my consultant and I sat down to talk about budget, look & feel and the style I like.  After she took some notes and got some personal information, we both browsed the gowns together.  I was the first appointment of the day, so we managed to grab about 10 or so gowns for me to try one.  After the first four (not kidding), I had given them all a “Yes” and she wrote them down on my file.  I did manage to finally say “No” to a few.

So, in one dress shop visit, my list of favorites went from two to seven.  Good thing the girls are coming in town this weekend to voice their opinions.  The problem?  All of the gowns just look so good on!  It will be hard to choose.  Very hard.

Any of you have a similar experience?  Did you think you may have your gown narrowed down, only to find some more great options?!

And for those of you DYING to know what gowns I tried on, here are links to the designers websites.  That’s all I’m giving you!  And for the record, some of my “favorite” gowns are not listed on their sites.



Martina Liana



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