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flashes of light: part 1 May 6, 2009

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So the search for a photographer has begun.

I have been following photographers’ blogs for quite some time now (about five years).  I just love to check them every few days to see what new photos they have added to their portfolios and watching them grow.  It is during this process that I have stumbled across some great photographers and it got me thinking about what I want to look for in a photographer.

Thanks to a great photographer I met with recently, Lisa Hessel, she introduced me to the world of the image is found, who are two San Diego-based photographers who just have a great eye for a good photo.  Not only that, they have a creative way of capturing some important moments and show great perspective.  If you visit their blog, they just have some awesome images that I swoon over!

Another fun one, based out of Colorado, is Autumn Burke.  She really likes to play with angles, which makes a lot of her photos fun.  She also does a great job of mixing traditional and photojournalistic styles, which I think is really important in wedding photography these days.  You don’t want an album full of all traditional photos or all photojournalistic, but a good mix.

Following on these photogs is really helping me (and the FI) to figure out what we want in a photographer.  Since that is the next thing we are working on booking, it is one thing we are really thinking about.  I did meet with another one tonight and she was so cute!  Definitely a lot of fun with a great personality.  The next step is to chat with mom to see what she thinks.  I know that to both the FI and I, the wedding photography is a really important element of our wedding.

Is there one thing that is really important to you in the wedding vendor choosing process?  Have you really thought about what you want in a photographer?


3 Responses to “flashes of light: part 1”

  1. Amy Pfeiffer Says:

    I have no idea what exactly you have in mind for photos, but I’ve been in love with the work of Peoria natives Jeffrey and Julia Woods for years.

    They are under my favorite pages on Facebook, and their website is:

    Happy hunting!

  2. Amanda Says:

    Personally, I think having a second shooter is important. They can only shoot one “person” at a time, meaning if the photographer is shooting you, they are missing brady. It was an aspect that I didn’t think much of at the time and which I had. Just some food for thought.

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