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dress May 4, 2009

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So about a month ago I began my dress search.  I know, you’re thinking, “But why, you have over a year until your wedding?”  Well, for those of you out in blog world that don’t know me personally, I’m a planner.  I like to take my time and make sure things are right.  And most importantly, I like to get a head start.

Okay, back to the dresses.  I started my search early in the hopes that I could find a great deal (I’m a sucker for a good deal) or just have the chance to really take my time with finding “The Dress” by going to several shops in town and trying on a million gowns.  Who would have thought that after two dress shopping experiences, I would have found two top contenders.

My first visit was to the Demetrios salon in town.  They have a HUGE selection and their shop is HUGE, so even if there are other brides there, it isn’t crowded.  Before my appointment, I went online to search their gowns to get an idea of their inventory ahead of time.  On the day of my appointment, I got there early (I hate being late) with my mom, thinking we could browse before my appointment slot, but my bridal consultant, who we’ll call “A” was ready to go.  A took the time to hear me out on what I wanted in a dress (no lace or beading, modern/contemporary feel, something maybe a-line or mermaid and NOTHING poofy).  For the most part she understood what I was looking for, but every so often A would pull out something that had characteristics I did not want (oh well).  The bonus to Demetrios?  You get to browse their gowns yourself and pull ones that look good to you and ignore the one’s you don’t like.  Overall, I had a good first experience trying on gowns.  A was very helpful (and very good and tightening/clipping the gowns, might I add).  She wrote down my top two choices so I could bring my MOH and one of my BM in to look at a later time.  I didn’t bother browsing through BM dresses…I want to figure mine out first (and I’ll save the BM dresses for another post)!

The second time around, mom, a friend and I went to The Ultimate Bride, which is touted as being one of the better salons in town.  They have a large selection from many designers in a wide range of prices.  Anyway, my consultant “B” was pretty easy going.  We took a few minutes to go over what I was looking for in a gown, as  I did with A at Demetrios.  Then, B put me in a dressing room and off she went to pull dresses.  This was one of the downer parts of gown shopping here.  You could not go in back to browse the gowns yourself, so you had to rely on the expertise of your consultant to pull gowns she thinks you might like.  She new I did not want lace or beading, and she did a good job of pulling dresses with little or none of both.  She did happen to acknowledge that most of the gowns they carry have lace and beading and they have very few more modern/contemporary gowns.  I guess that was another downside; they did not exactly cater to brides of all tastes.  But,  a plus was that they let you take photos in the gowns, which was great.  And thanks to my good photographer friend, K, she took some “photographer-y” photos of me in the gowns!

There were two gowns I was hoping to try on while I was in The Ultimate Bride, but they did not have either in stock and I would have had to pay a fee to bring in a sample.  Luckily, B was able to pull I dress that I really liked.  It is nothing like the type of dress I thought I wanted, but it had so much character.  It had a modern feel, with a bit of tasteful sex appeal.  It was a great dress.  So, I found my second contender at this dress shop.

For fear of revealing my possible dress choices, you all will have to wait for photos.  And, for those of you who have seen them…keep those lips sealed!  I want this one to be a secret!

My best friends are coming in town in about two weeks and I am having them tag along with me to two appointments, one at each shop so they can see both dresses, and hopefully I can try on a few others.  And so the continual planning goes on in search of the perfect dress!

I really had an overall great time at both of my appointments and am looking forward to doing it again.  Did any of you have a good dress shopping experience?


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  1. kate Says:

    you know how I feel about The One With The You Know Whats 🙂

  2. kate Says:

    Ok, that sounded a little dirty, but you know what I’m talking about. The DRESS with the you know whats.

  3. […] midwest, carry fairly traditional gowns with heavy lace and beading.  As I even mentioned in an earlier post, my dress consultant apologized for not having more modern gowns. AND after meeting with a wedding […]

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