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reception! April 22, 2009

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We finally have our reception venue booked!  FINALLY!

So, here is the rundown of here it all started!  Right after the engagement, we had both talked about having the reception at the Missouri History Museum.  It just seemed like the right choice.  It has beautiful architecture and it appealed to the FI, 1. because it is the History Musuem and 2. there is a replica of the Spirit of St. Louis airplane in the atrium.  It was perfect….except that it was not large enough to hold all of our guests.  Heartbreak #1 of wedding planning.


So, after knowing that the Missouri History Museum would not work, we started our search over again.  This time, we stumbled upon the Hilton St. Louis at the Ballpark.  They have a new ballroom that overlooks the Arch and Old Courthouse, and it has floor-to-ceiling windows.  Perfect, right?  It was a modern twist on the old-fashioned ballroom.  I loved it, mom loved it and FI loved it.  Only problem we were concerned about was what we got for the money.  Trust me, I would give my left arm for this room.


And, so began the search…again.  This time, we knew we needed to stay downtown, but our choices were limited with what was available.  I wanted something unique and not your traditional ballroom or reception hall.  That lead us to our last option: Windows on Washington.  After researching and asking friends who had or are having their reception there, the FI and I finally agreed this would be it.  It has character, windows, a view of the city, it’s modern and contemporary, and for what we were paying, it was well worth every penny.  And with a final confirmation of our date, signing of the contract and mailing of the deposit, we have booked the 8th floor of Windows on Washington.  We loved that it was on the top floor, the bar was unique and there were windows galore!  Take a look for yourself:



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  2. Megan Says:

    ha – kinda funny – I took that photo of the Missouri History Museum 🙂 I was seconding for Under Grace photo – kinda cool that it’s on the knot!

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