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wedding invite revelation April 14, 2009

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Yes, I am designing our invitation suite.  And yes, I have changed the design twice already.  It will be interested to see what the final design looks like (and considering I pretty much have over a year to finalize this, it very well could change several times).

Anyway, on the way home from dinner last night, I had this great idea to change up the current design I had in mind.  So of course I voiced this to FI and, per usual, he asks what it is.  “Well, I cannot really explain it.  I will design it when I get home and then show you.”  He just shook his head thinking this is probably another one of my crafty adventures.  So we get home, and I do a quick mock-up of them, and guess what?  He loves them!  Which is what I was really going for.  The design is fun and organic, but still has a formal quality about it.

My original design was more of a reflection of my style, and he liked those, but this new design is a reflection of the both of us and our relationship.  I like that the second round of revisions is a better fit.  Sure, the design might change, but I actually think this one might stick.  And, with some input from some design friends (Thanks J and K), I am very happy with the result.  I have the STD and full invite suite designed.  Only thing I want to tweak and redesign are the escort cards and table numbers.  And honestly, I have forever to do this.  It is just too much fun.

Guess I should go into the design business now.  Just what I need, another hobby.  I think I will stick to baking and building the photog business.

On another note, I won’t post designs of them until I have actually mailed them out…wouldn’t want to give away any secrets now, would I?

Have any of you thought about designg your invitations?  Or, would you rather order them from someone so you don’t have to think about them?


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