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big news April 12, 2009

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Okay, so the big news blog from a few weeks ago, clearly was  a joke.  Okay, not really.  I really thought we would have some big news to announce, but we had a change of plans.  So, fingers crossed, we should have some big news in the next week or two.  For real this time.

I’m actually hoping to have two bits of big news to share…so we’ll see.

Spent a weekend with the future in-laws for Easter.  Hashed out some more potential wedding plans with the FML.  Looks like we are on the same page about some things, but things have clearly changed since she and FFL were married over 30 years ago.  I think she realizes this, but still has her heart set on traditions.  And you all know me…not one for wedding traditions.  She is excited though and wants us to make the decisions based on what we want for the wedding, which I could not appreciate more.  We are lucky enough to have parents that want us to make decisions for the wedding based on what we want, even though they are paying for the wedding.  So, no taking them for granted!

I will be dress shopping again this weekend.  Really, I am just going to look to see what is out there.  I do not have any intention of buying a dress until this summer/fall.  Mostly, I want to get around to the different boutiques in town, see when they are having trunk shows and sample sales.  Gotta love a good deal!

Sorry I dont have more exciting news to share…hopefully I will soon!


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