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tradition? March 29, 2009

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Yesterday, my Mom and I when wedding dress shopping for the first time. Now, I have in my head the exact dress (okay, I have a few in my head) that I want. However, I though it would be a good idea to just go try some on and see what shapes look good (even though I know this too).

So, I made an appointment with one of the bigger bridal shops in the area, one I knew would have many appointment slots open on a Saturday. I was excited, and took the time to go online and look at what dresses they had available so I had an idea in mind of what dresses I would want to try on. I had a pleasant bridal consultant who was very sweet, but she definitely did not understand what I was looking for.

I had told her that I did not want anything poofy. I am too petite for a poofy dress. I do not like lace or beading at all. I was really looking for something fresh, chic and modern, yet classic. Basically, something simple. When we were going through all of the dresses, she kept pointing out dresses that had beading and lace. It was almost as if she did not hear me say, “No lace or beading.” You see, I am a very “untraditional, traditional” bride. There are some things I want to do differently and do not think there should be an over “tradition” for weddings. But there are some things I like.

After trying on the third or fourth dress, she asked me if I wanted to put on a veil and I told her I was not going to wear a veil. I was suprised at the reaction of not only her, but the other ladies around. They were shocked I didn’t want to wear a veil. She then asked if I was going to wear a tiara. Oh goodness no! I am definitely not the veil or tiara type. I simply want my hair in a chic bun with a simple white flower.

Anyone that knows me knows I am very simple and classic. I don’t always follow tradition; I like to start my own. I just want to do things on my terms. If that means no veil, tiara, no train and an ivory dress, then so be it.

Is it wrong of me to not want those things? I just have never dreamt of wearing a veil/tiara, having a long train or wearing a white-white dress.

Has anyone else felt this way? Do you feel like people think you are strange for not wanting the traditional things a bride usually wears?


3 Responses to “tradition?”

  1. Amanda Says:

    First of all I am soo happy you know excatly what you want. Good for you for voicing it, and sticking to it. I think that is the hardest part of wedding planning (Keeping it about what YOU want). Don’t let others try to sway you one way or the other. BE you and your wedding will reflect that!

    Glad you finally got the oppertunity to try on dress!! I bet you were so excited 🙂

    Love you

    • Brit Says:

      Thanks. I figured many girls have had similar issues. I just think it is funny that us “non-traditional” brides get a strange look for wanting to break the mold. I think your wedding should be about what makes you and your fiance who you are as a couple. Veils, long trains and other crazy traditions are just not us!

  2. Liz B Says:

    Brit! I can’t believe you have tried dresses already, I need to get on the ball soon! I love that you know what you want. I saw the pictures of what you were thinking of centerpieces and I have been looking at some soo similar! We have to catch up soon. I will let you know next time I’m in STL!

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