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DIY March 19, 2009

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So I have really been contemplating on what types of things I can DIY for the wedding. At first I was trying to avoid it, but then the dollar signs started showing up everywhere. After seeing that, it made sense to me that there are still a lot of the elements of the wedding that you can DIY and still have it be classy and tasteful. So, I think I am going to design our invites, save the dates and programs and assemble them ourselves. I really wanted to hire a calligrapher to address them, but that is too costly….so I am really weighing the options on that one. I may just have them printed in script. We’ll see.

I REALLY want to make my bridesmaids bouquets using local and seasonal flowers. Mom thinks I am nuts, but I think it is a nice touch and a great way to incorporate seasonal flowers. Not to mention I would be helping support the local economy and adding another green element to the wedding (which I am trying to do, but you have no idea how hard it can be!).

I still have a ton of time to think about the other elements of the wedding, but lately those two have topped my list. Well, those in addition to searching for a wedding cake vendor and reception site.

Oh, the decisions!


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