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planning March 15, 2009

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I am trying to refrain from blogging about wedding planning, but to be honest, it is really hard. Especially since it is all I think about.

Next on my to do list: book the reception venue and photographer and find my dress. I think I have them all nailed down, well except the dress. I know what dress I want, I just need to try it on to make sure it is really the one. I just haven’t had the time to do that, plus Mom really wants to go with (which I want her there too), but she has been out of town.

I must say we are obviously WAY ahead of schedule on getting things taken care of. I pretty much know what kind of flowers I would like to use, what our stationary would look like and have an idea of what I want the cake to look like. I am not going to spend too much time fretting over it now, seeing has we still have a year and a half. I am sure I will jump the gun and get it taken care of early or at least inquire now about different vendors.

On another note, I really have been racking my brain for something thoughtful to blog about and I have nothing. So for your readers, you’re probably going to be getting wedding blogs for now.



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