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two thousand nine January 31, 2009

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So it’s 2009.  I’ve been out of college for almost 2 years and out of high school for nearly 6 years (wow).

Am I where I thought I would be?  No.  Do I like where I am? 100%.

I have always been a planner, always.  I planned on graduating from college and going to medical school to become a doctor.  I planned on getting married when I was 23 (for those of you who don’t know, I am 23 now) and having my first kid by the time I was 25.  I planned on moving to Chicago and getting the dodge out of St. Louis.

I still plan, but my previous plans have changed, which I am happy about.  I am not married (but still want to be, just not putting a timeline on it).  I am in love with my best friend, whom I love more that anyone knows.  I do not want kids for a few years.  I am just not ready to be tied down with kids.  It isn’t that I do not like kids, I have just developed a new attitude towards them.  I want to enjoy my life for what it is right now and really make a name for myself in my job.  I want more than anything to establish who I am.  Mostly, I want to plant my roots in Denver and start a new life there with Brady.

I think it is important for everyone to do that.  Don’t plan so much.  Expect the unexpected.  Adapt.  Change.  It is crucial to be welcoming to these ideas in order to live an enjoyable life.  You cannot spend your life planning it out(although some things are okay).  Don’t try to rush into things (marriage, kids, life).  You only get to do things once in life, so make it last, do it right (but make mistakes along the way) and live life for what it is worth.

I guess where I am going with this is that I just wish people would be more open to change and adaptation.  We live in the 21st century, where things are different and we can all make a name for ourselves.  Be open-minded and love change.


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