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ykk January 29, 2009

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Did you know that the zippers on women’s clothing is generally on the left, but on the right for men’s.  I was pretty sure this statement was false because I have some sort of slight obsession with zipping up my jackets/pants with my right hand, thus re-inforcing the fact that zippers are on the right side.  I overheard this while I was in the mall the other day and thought it was the strangest thing.

However, I did some research and found out that traditionally zippers were on the right side for men and the left for women.  This is because women traditionally had dressers and it was much easier for the dressers to zip up when they are on the left side for the dressee.

Obviously things are much different now and most zippers (and buttons) are on the right-hand side.  Only occasionally will you find a zipper on the left side.

Just food for thought.


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